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Dominique Ansel is Headed to the Hamptons this Saturday

 Dominique Ansel is Headed to the Hamptons this Saturday

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Dominique Ansel is headed to East Hampton on Saturday, August 2

Guess who's coming to the Hamptons?

On Saturday, August 2, Dominique Ansel and fashion designer Lisa Perry will partner up for a special treat outside Perry’s boutique in East Hampton, New York.

Inspired by the classic root beer float, Pop It! Ice Cream Sundae in a Can will include “a mix of root beer and vanilla-chocolate chip ice cream, mascarpone semifreddo, macerated cherries, mini marshmallows and a meringue kiss — served in a chocolate-lined soup can that nods to Andy Warhol’s famed Campbell’s Soup artwork,” according to Women’s Wear Daily.

Each sundae, which is reportedly “really big enough for two,” will be available for $15 each, from noon until supplies last. Twenty percent of the proceeds will benefit City Harvest.

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