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Express Your Love for KFC and Each Other By Wearing a Colonel Sanders Twosie

Express Your Love for KFC and Each Other By Wearing a Colonel Sanders Twosie

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The couple that eats KFC together, stays together

Social media posts from KFC Canada have been teasing followers with #ColonelTwosie images.

Over the past week, KFC Canada’s Instagram has become filled with stylized images of couples wearing the Colonel Twosie, a creation that “appears to be two sets of Colonel-Sanders-themed onesie pajamas sewn together,” says Eater.

The Colonel Twosie is the newest extension to their #ChickNShare campaign. KFC describes it as, “An Experience in Urb’N Spice,” on their Facebook account in a post depicting hilarious but heartwarming images of couples picnicking (consuming KFC of course), playing hide and seek behind a tree, and getting cozy by sharing a scarf (and a bucket of KFC).

In response to users asking where and how they can obtain this unique clothing item, the account has simply told followers to stay tuned and keep an eye on their feed. KFC_Canada tells users, “You’ll just have to wait and see,” and, “Stay tuned to our feed for an opportunity to get a #ColonelTwosie in your life.”

Watch the video: Colonel Sanders Crazy Real-Life Story (June 2022).


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