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Dubova juice

Dubova juice

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Let me tell you what it's like with this juice and Dubova. Dubova is a locality on the Danube, at the small and large boilers, through that area and there I haunted for a few days and stayed at Casa La Spaniolu. I said we weren't going to cook, we had something for the morning and some meat for a barbecue in the evening. But how did we cut ourselves when we saw how many spoons of soup can be (belly soup without sour cream, garlic and pepper was 28 lei) and a piece of over 48 lei (his mother of fish, because we are on the Danube not on the top of the mountain), I said no, they don't give us the money out of the house and we didn't receive any inheritance from Aunt Tamara. So not to eat only grill I put some juice, I had wings, so the base was, then I went with salt to the owner and asked from the garden 3 carrots, 2 onions, 3 peppers (at the supermarket n -I found something like that because they didn't bring, the people in the area had some noodles in the garden) from the minimarket. That's how we made a juice that our stomach demanded after so much barbecue .... and that's how we fed 6 mouths eager for a hot juice ....

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